Zwickey Delta 2 Blade 135gr Glue On Broadhead (3 Pack)

Zwickey Delta 2 Blade 135Gr Glue On Broadhead (3 Pack)



When you want a broadhead that goes beyond the call of duty, outperforming your wildest expectations. One that’s can be leather at any angle, from any direction, even marginal hits like hip, shoulder or skull, one that can make exit holes in deer with 40lb. Bows.

Zwickeys are full of old fashioned solid goodness. Patented laminate structure puts the bulk of steel up front where it’s needed for bone busting strength; welded, copper brazed, then individually heat treated to assure absolute trueness and a superb blue temper RC 50+ Hardness in the high carbon steel. That’s why Zwickeys fly straight and true and do not bend.

  • 135 Grain
  • 1 1/16"x 2 1/4"
  • 2 Blade
  • Glue on Taper Hole
  • 3 heads per pack