Wildcrete Vertical 3D Target

Wildcrete Vertical 3D Target Archery Targets



The Wildcrete Range of foam Targets are some of the best value targets for recreational and competitive 3D target shooting or for your personal archery range.

Wildcrete’s targets are built from Wildcrete’s signature high density self-healing foam, made to go the longest mile, this foam is hand-painted for realism. The high-quality foam allows for many arrows to be put through!

The Wildcrete Vertical Butt 3D Target for competition archery and hunting practice is an impressively durable self healing foam target with hand painted graphics.

 Made of Wildcrete’s signature high density foam this durable target allows for easy arrow removability, perfect for your archery practice before a big hunt or for recreational fun in the backyard in preparation for competition shooting.

 The Vertical Butt is part of Wildcrete’s 3D target range and is a basic block target that stands out through Wildcrete’s unique graphical shooting zones as well as their signature high density foam quality.

Weighing in at 7.8kg the Vertical Butt features 8 sides in the shape of an Octagonal Prism, at 450mm in height and 325mm in diameter. This target doesn’t feature targeting rings but instead a more versatile multi placed circular set of graphics spread over the entire target surface, this is perfect for spreading shots all over the target to maximise its longevity. 

We recommend storing your new target somewhere dry and out of the sun when you’re not using it, as well as removing all arrows out of it after each session. Using lower poundage setups along with field tips exclusively will help extend the target’s life, however this target is compatible with most setups. 

Wildcrete’s Vertical Butt is the perfect target for any archer looking to have a durable target for competitive and hunting practice at home or on the road, whilst still having that quality of the targets that they’d find at their local club. 

The target will come with either a rope carry handle or inbuilt handles. 


  •      Weight – 7.8kg
  •      Height – 400mm
  •      Width – 325mm
  •      Length – 325mm
  •      All round shooting zones on each side
  •      Usage – Hunting preparation or recreational archery
  •      Hand painted; so each is unique and may differ slightly
  •      High Density, self-healing foam
  •      One piece construction
  •      Self standing
  •      Recommended use with target tips
  •    Made in South Africa