Wildcrete Gemstone 3D Target

Wildcrete Gemstone 3D Target Archery Targets



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The Wildcrete Gemstone 3D Foam Target Butt for competitive archery practice is the perfect target for everyone and anyone! 

Crafted from Wildcrete’s signature self healing foam, this high density target is intended to have easy arrow removability with high durability. Featuring Wilscrete’s unique hand painted graphics this Gemstone stands out from the rest. 

The Gemstone Butt is a medium sized target that is 400mm in height, length and width weighing in at 7.8kg. This target doesn’t feature any scoring rings but instead Wildcrete have added their own unique targeting graphics, helping this target stand out not only in its quality but in its appearance. 

Removing all arrows from the target after each session to allow the self healing foam to recover, as well as storing the target in a dry place without sunlight will maximise durability. 

Wildcrete’s Gemstone Butt is an awesome addition for any archer or club  looking for the classic 18 side block target with the top standard high density that Wildcrete brings the table. Perfect for archers that need a portable target solution.

 Please note that due to target density you cannot hang the target by the rope attached, this is intended as a carry handle only.


  • Weight – 7.8kg
  • Height – 400mm 
  • Width – 400mm 
  • Length – 400mm 
  • All round shooting zones on each side
  • Usage – Hunting preparation or recreational archery
  • Hand painted; so each is unique and may differ slightly
  • Various colours
  • High Density, self-healing foam
  • One piece construction
  • Self standing 
  • Recommended use with target tips