Slick Trick Fixed Blade Broad Head (4 Pack)

Slick Trick Fixed Blade Broad Head (4 Pack) Heads & Small Game Points

Slick Trick


Slick Tricks are a versatile broadhead with perfect geometry delivering extreme penetration and incredible flight. A four blade design out cuts 3 blade designs with seemingly larger cutting diameters. These heads are packed full of top end features making it a favourite, go to broadhead for serious bow hunters.


  • Super Steelā„¢ ferrule
  • Alcatrazā„¢ bladelock system
  • .035" SS LutzĀ® blades
  • 4 edge, bone splitting tip
  • 4 blade design
  • 1" cutting diameter (2" total cut)
  • Available in 100 or 125 grains
  • 4 broadheads per pack