Ramcat Hydroshock Fixed Blade Broadhead (3 Pack)

Ramcat Hydroshock Fixed Blade Broadhead (3 Pack) Broad Heads & Small Game Points



Ramcat Hydroshock broadheads are the first blade over shaft broadheads on the market. Ramcats have been independently tested with crossbows and compound bows and have been found to be the most accurate fixed blade broadhead on the market. Both the 100 grain and 125 grain Ramcats show the same accuracy as your field points because they are a one piece, stainless steel body ferrule that have a Hydroshock Self-Centering Chisel Tip with patented deep lobes and with Aero Insert Technology. The patented deep lobes create an airfoil that drafts wind over the blades and disallows windplaning. The Aero Insert Technology is a double O-ring system on the threaded shank which ensures that your broadhead and arrow are perfectly concentric. The Ramcat Broadheads are not only field point accurate but they are deadly quiet in flight. Ramcats are endorsed by the MI, MD, and MS Crossbow Federations and have been awarded a 5-star rating by Crossbow Magazine. Ramcats are the hardest hitting, deepest penetrating, most accurate broadheads on earth.

Hits Like a Ram…..Cuts Like a Cat!

DRAFTING: Patented deep lobes in cutting tip: the deep lobes create an air foil that drafts wind over the blades and disallows windplaning.

HYDROFOIL: Once in the animal, the lobes create a hydrofoil forcing body mass outward and thus removing friction down the arrow shaft; this results in the deepest penetration on the market. Offset and Stealth blade design The blades are .032″ thick for strength and have no blade windows. The replacement blades are sharpened front and rear to create a backcut if the head does not pass through the animal. It will cut its way back out!

  • One piece stainless steel body construction
  • 100 Grain 1 3/8” cut, 125 Grain 1 1/2” cut Diameter
  • 3 Blade .032 Thick
  • Field point accuracy and deadly quiet in fright