Instinctive Archery Book with Henry Bodnik

Instinctive Archery Book With Henry Bodnik



Instinctive archery is the most natural way to shoot an arrow into the target. Often dogmatized and ritualized by mistake, many archers have a complete misguided idea of how instinctive archery functions. The structure of this book is based on more than 20 years of experience and practice with bow and arrow.

In this book the physical and mental principles are explained in an easily comprehensible way to lead newcomers, seekers and advanced learners onto the simple way of instinctive archery.

List of contents

  • History of archery
  • Different types of bows
  • The 3 ways of the archer
  • Advantages and disadvantages of instinctive archery
  • Before the shot
  • Buying a bow
  • Stringing the bow
  • The brace height of the bow
  • The nock point of the bow
  • The biomechanical structure and sequence of the shot
  • Taking up the bow
  • Grasping for the string
  • Drawing the bow
  • The anchor point
  • Releasing the string, holding of the bow after the shot
  • To hit the target
  • Characteristics of instinctive archery
  • Characteristics of the accurately aiming archer
  • The differences in confrontation
  • Differences in technology, material and equipment