Hunters Element Arete Pack Frame

Hunters Element Arete Pack Frame Hunting Packs
Hunters Element Arete Pack Frame
Hunters Element Arete Pack Frame Hunting Packs
Hunters Element Arete Pack Frame Hunting Packs
Hunters Element Arete Pack Frame Hunting Packs
Hunters Element Arete Pack Frame Hunting Packs
Hunters Element Arete Pack Frame Hunting Packs
Hunters Element Arete Pack Frame Hunting Packs

Hunters Element


The Arete pack frame is a brand-new design, built from the ground up. The frame itself is lightweight and incredibly strong, designed for carrying loads of up to 50kg and providing unparalleled comfort. The body-mapped curvature of the frame and next-gen padding set the Arete up for maximum stability and stamina while hauling a wide variety of weight and bulk.

It incorporates 4 separate aluminium stays to provide contoured strength and stability across the full width of the frame. This carefully crafted shape allows the weight to distribute in a more even manner across the hips, back and shoulders, resulting in increased comfort and increased carrying capacity for the user.

The next-gen dual-density padding marks a new level of weight to support. This amazing new padding hugs the contact points in a more even manner for better weight distribution. This has allowed us to shape both the hip belt and back supports into a more ergonomic shape offering greater support to a wider range of body shapes. This layout includes our FoamFlow™ design which leaves open channels between contact points for fresh air to pass easily over your back and vent out heat and sweat.

The Arete Frame length is fully customizable for different body lengths. A locking frame height adjustment system means you only have to set it up once for your height, lock it, and it will stay set. All the tension points across the frame are reinforced for additional strength and all the hardware is Duraflex® made, the industry leader in bomb-proof buckles and ladder locks (webbing and strap adjusters).

Finally, the integrated meat shelf has been carefully crafted to place heavy meat loads in the optimal position. This locks the weight snugly to the frame body and close to your spine for an energy-efficient, comfortable, and safer pack out.

The core of the Arete pack system, the Arete Frame is a piece of premium design and engineering built to make the uncomfortable task of carrying weight and bulk over long distances, the best experience it can be.

  • Lightweight & incredibly strong
  • Carrying capacity of up to 50kg
  • Body-mapped design
  • Next-gen dual-density padding
  • FoamFlow™ cooling
  • Customizable fit
  • Integrated Meat Shelf
  • Duraflex® Hardware
  • Reinforced connection points
  • Weight: 1.49kg
  • Available in Black


The Arete Pack System is a different concept that changes how hunting packs are viewed. The Arete is a modular system that allows you to change between packs with one single frame/harness. There are two major advantages to this.  

The first is that it allows you to significantly reduce the amount of bulk and weight you have to carry. This makes carrying multiple packs into camp a much more viable option. You can now pack in all your gear in your big pack, set up camp, pull out your day bag, and swap this onto the harness for hunting. Because the majority of weight and bulk in any pack is in the frame/harness, the pack body itself can squash down very small in the bottom of your main bag.  

The second main advantage is the ability to expand any of the packs. Because the pack body can come away from the frame/harness, it is possible to fit extra gear between the two. Most importantly this has been designed this way to carry heavy meat from a successful hunt. The ‘Meat Shelf’ is built into the frame/harness, so every Arete setup allows you to pack meat out in this manner. This meat shelf is far more effective and comfortable than carrying meat stuffed into the bottom of your pack or over your shoulders. It allows you to strap the meat tight to the frame with an even distribution of bulk and weight that won’t sway or move, and it means that this weight is kept closest to your spine where strength and balance are dramatically optimized. It also means that you don’t have to ditch gear out or your pack to make room for the meat.