Hamskea Everest Rest with Universal Bracket

Hamskea Everest Rest With Universal Bracket Right Hand / Mathews Arrow Rests
Hamskea Everest Rest With Universal Bracket Right Hand / Arrow Rests
Hamskea Everest Rest With Universal Bracket Arrow Rests
Hamskea Everest Rest With Universal Bracket Left Hand / Arrow Rests



Hamskea's Everest Arrow Rest was developed to redefine the industry standard for an arrow rest with C.O.R.™ Mount Technology.

If you’re not sure which Everest is right for you, please refer to the Version Guide tab below.

Weight: 4.5 Ounces

  • The rest is in-line behind the riser eliminating quiver interference
  • Miro-Launcher angle adjustment
  • Uber secure & precise picatinny clamping system
  • Configurable for top limb, bottom limb or cable-driven activation
  • Eliminates lateral shaft movement with Zero Tolerance Technology (ZTT)
  • Two stainless steel bearings for smooth actuation
  • Rebound dampener manages launcher rebound and mechanical stresses
  • Cord Clamp Tensioner
  • Adjustable Torsion Spring Tension



One of the most predominate features of the Epsilon Arrow Rests is the C.O.R. Mount Technology which positions the arrow at center shot by design. This system allows shooters to choose between three different mounting options for attaching the Epsilon Arrow Rest to their specific bow. The three mounting options are the Universal Bracket, Mathews Approved Bracket, or the Riser Interface. The Epsilon is currently available in each configuration from the factory along with kits that are interchangeable. If you purchase an Epsilon and wish to carry it over to your next bow, you can choose to purchase one of the kits instead of purchasing a new arrow rest. This makes the Epsilon incredibly versatile for bows of the past, present and future.

How do I know which mounting option is right for me?

Universal Bracket

The Universal Bracket is the most versatile of the mounting systems. The Universal Bracket attaches at the berger button and still allows for torque tuning adjustability.

The Universal Bracket Interface will attach to the Universal Bracket Body using two 8-32x1/4* Low Profile SHCS screws. Choose one of the 3 optional settings that best corelates to the thickness of your riser at the berger button to attach the Universal Bracket Interface to the Universal Bracket Body. The Universal Bracket Body will then attach to the riser using the Counter Sunk Washer (Item # RESTSO11) and 5/16-24 x1/2* Flat Head Cap Screw.

Mathews Approved Bracket

The Mathews Approved Bracket is a great option for shooters wishing to attach the Epsilon to 2020 and newer Mathews bow models with a 0.900" thick riser at the berger hole. The Mathews Approved Bracket will attach to the bow utilizing the berger hole button with a 5/16-24x1/2* Flat Head Cap Screw. This option is a lower profile option compared to the Universal Bracket and does not require the use of a set screw to keep the bracket from rotating around the mounting screw. It is important to note that this bracket is ONLY compatible with 2020 and newer Mathews bow with the 0.900* thick riser.

Riser Interface

The Riser Interface is our lowest profile mounting option. This option will ONLY work on bows that have the two threaded holes in the back of the riser. We recommend contacting the bow manufacturer to check for this feature before you order your Epsilon rest with the Riser Interface.

The Riser Interface attaches to the riser with two 10-24x1/2* Flat Head Cap Screws. The Riser Interface takes full advantage of the C.O.R. (Centre- shot Optimised Rest) Technology with the holes in the riser that are drilled a specific distance from the inside edge of the riser making sure your arrow rest is at centre shot when attached.