Gunstar Pro Series Sight Tapes

Gunstar Pro Series Sight Tapes



3 Separate Pages of Sight Tapes (sold as individual pages) ,over 126 "different" Sight Tapes in all. These are in approximately 1 FPS increments. At 110 yards the average tape is only 1/2 yard different from next.

Super Accurate. WATERPROOF AND SELF ADHESIVE! Colour Coded Ranges to help reduce mis-setting your sight. While we discourage trying to select a specific page based on speed they are approximately 200 FPS - 330 FPS.

The only accurate way to chose is to know your sight in marking gap at 20-60 or 20-40 if you cannot get an accurate mark at 60. You can use any two separate yardage marks, but the further apart they are the better.

Sold as Individual Pages

Sheet A=Slow approximately 200 FPS - 240 FPS, 20-60 gap 1.40"-0.93", 20-40 gap 0.64"-0.42". Tape numbers 1-42

Sheet B=Medium approximately 240 FPS - 280 FPS, 20-60 gap 0.98"-0.68", 20-40 gap 0.44"-0.30" Tape numbers 36-77

Sheet C=Fast approximately 280 FPS - 330 FPS, 20-60 gap 0.75"-0.46", 20-40 gap 0.33"-0.20" Tape numbers 67-126

There are overlapping tapes between pages. So if your are on the last tape on a page you are better to go to the next page where you will find several to bracket your selected tape.

Example: you are on Page A Tape number 42, if you buy B Page you will have tapes 36-77. So you can use tapes on both sides of your best tape. Most users will be able to use several tapes on a sheet because they are so tightly spaced.

Example: Shooter using Tape 66 can probably use 64-68.