Guide to the Longbow by Brian Sorrells

Guide To The Longbow By Brian Sorrells Book

Brian Sorrells


Brian Sorrells covers a remarkable amount of ground in this concise yet comprehensive examination of the longbow. It's all there, from history to bow design to shooting. This book should be required reading for anyone needing an initial introduction to the longbow, but experienced longbow enthusiasts will learn from it too. The book's real strength lies in Sorrells's ability to explain the practicalities of the longbow without compromising its romantic tradition.

E. Donnall Thomas Jr., Co-Editor, Traditional Bowhunter Magazine"I have read and enjoyed every word of Brian Sorrells's Guide to the Longbow. Here is an experienced and successful archer and bowhunter who not only knows the ropes of his chosen pastime top to bottom, but relays his wealth of information in clean, entertaining prose. I sure wish I'd had this book when I first took up archery nearly sixty years ago."

David Petersen, author of Going TradAdvice on all aspects of selecting and shooting a longbow, including buying custom and choosing arrows. Learn proper shooting form and tips for improving accuracy Exercises to develop strong technique for target and stump shooting, 3D archery, and hunting Explores the history of the longbow as well as its modern appeal"

  • Paperback
  • 150 pages