G5 Mega Meat Expandable Broad Head

G5 Mega Meat Expandable Broad Head Heads & Small Game Points

G5 Outdoors


G5 MegaMeat 100% stainless steel Super tough and durable design. Foolproof blade retention system makes sure the blades deploy on every impact. SnapLock retaining collar are easy to put blades back in place and ensures the head opens every time.

  • Use the BMP (Ballistics Match Point) for practice to mimic broadhead flight (1 included) 
  • Low profile head reduces wind drift for more consistent shots 
  • Huge 2 Inch Cutting Diameter
  • Easy to Use SnapLock Collar
  • 3 Ultra Sharp Replaceable Blades
  • Available in 100gr. and 125gr.
  • 3 heads per pack