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Finger Saver/No Glove

Finger savers are made of a strong yet soft material that allows the archer to shoot a bow without a finger tab or release. Wrap your fingers around the finger saver which is just below your nocking point and you'll be ready to shoot. Finger savers save time, creates consistency for beginning shooters like young children and archers getting started in archery and they also work great for bow fishing. Great for schools, fun or beginners. Easy to install and comfortable to use. Finger saver can be used for either three fingers under or split fingers depending on how they are positioned on the string.

One colour, one set per pack, includes cotter pin to install on string.

  • Place on your Bow String to save your fingers
  • Use as a Nocking Point either 3 Fingers Under or Split Fingers
  • Use on Compound or Recurve Bows. 
Installation  A link to a handy video demonstration.
To install remove string from bow, a bow press is required for compound bows. Put the included split pin through the top end loop of your string.  Squeeze the loop as flat as possible. Thread the split pin through the hole of the larger of the finger savers. While gripping the split pin firmly (we use pliers at this point) push the finger saver over the string loop and down the string until it is in the desired position. Repeat with the small finger saver.