Brand: R.S. Bowvise

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R.S. Bowvise Level Set

Takes the guesswork out of nock positioning. Easy to use by just attaching the string level to the string and the arrow level to the arrow. Adjust the bow so the string level is level. Attach the arrow and move nocking point to be level with the string

  • Includes string level and EZ level (Not Vari-Level)

R.S. Vari-Nock Level

  • Marks nocking point from 1/8" to 1/2" high from level
  • Same as EZ level with extra nock point marks
  • Takes the guess work out of nock point location
  • Perfect nock position every time
  • Place arrow on rest, slide nock end up and down the string until level

R.S. String Level

  • Checks the vertical and horizontal position of the bow for nock and sight installation
  • Snaps onto string on the centre serving