Cold Steel Cheap Shot Buzz Saw Broad Head (40 Pack)

Cold Steel Cheap Shot Buzz Saw Broad Head (40 Pack) Heads & Small Game Points

Cold Steel


Imagine an extremely accurate, highly effective broadhead for about a two dollars! That's right! The stopping power and performance you need for even less than the price of a cup of coffee!

100% made in the USA, with multiple patents pending, the Cheap Shot™ ushers in a new era of bow and crossbow potential. It's the world's first polymer broadhead!

Made from space-age polymer developed specifically as a substitute for steel, the Cheap Shot™ is tough, sharp and practically impervious to the elements! Unlike a steel broadhead, it will never rust, tarnish or corrode, and it will endure all but the most extreme weather conditions. The Cheap Shot™ Buzz Saw is the perfect choice for beginners or younger bowmen/crossbowmen who don't want to spend money on expensive steel broadheads costing up to 15 times more!

It's designed by the same people who have been designing Cold Steel's tactical and military knives for over 35 years... So when it says Cold Steel, you know it'll cut!

The Buzz Saw boasts excellent aerodynamic properties and features twelve cutting edges - topped with Cold Steel's grip n' rip serrations.

I didn't grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth, and every dollar I have I've earned the hard way. Sure, I often use expensive Broadheads when I'm hunting, but it still hurts when I miss, damage them, or lose my arrow! That's why I invented the Cheap Shot. You can take your best shot every time you draw your bow without worrying about breaking the bank! - Lynn C. Thompson, President, Cold Steel®


  • Pack of 40 Cheap Shot BH Buzz Saw Arrowheads
  • Type: broadheads with 12 cutting edges
  • Material: polymer
  • Width: approx. 2 cm
  • Length: approx. 8.1 cm