Black Widow Split Finger Tab (Super Leather)

Black Widow Split Finger Tab (Super Leather) Tabs & Gloves

Wilson Bros


Black Widow is the name that says it all when it comes to traditional archery excellence.
Total finger protection with the "finger fenders". Long time favourite of field shooters.
The long wearing super leather is made from red and black leather, is tough and durable and not affected by weather and the "finger fenders" serve to prevent sore spots and calluses on your fingers after an extended shooting session.
Tab has a soft velcro finger loop that makes for easy adjustments.
The satin smooth surface is waterproof, won't scratch, scuff or peel.
Small - 2 1/4" wide
Medium - 2 3/8" wide
Large - 2 5/8" wide
X-Large 2 3/4" wide