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Consistency is key for accuracy, and the Bowmar Nose button is the most consistent anchor point an archer could have. Every single time you draw your bow your anchor point is EXACTLY THE SAME. The same anchor point mades a huge difference in consistency and accuracy.
  • Designed for your nose not your mouth
  • Precision spikes for micro anchoring, not a smooth round surface area
  • Face to string contact is less than 1mm, where a kisser button is around a 1/4 inch
  • 6.35 X more accurate anchor point
  • 4 FPS faster than a kisser button!
  • It’s much faster on your bow, because its significantly lighter and the install location is further away from your nock point
  • Designed to grip the string more tightly and it does not require serving underneath it to stay in place
  • No tools required to install
  • Includes two Nose Buttons per package, one large & one small
  • Weight: large 2.2 grains, small 0.9 grains