5.0” Parabolic Cut Feathers (RW)

Bearpaw 5.0 Parabolic Cut Feathers (Rw) Vanes And



Traditional archers use only the best quality - real turkey feathers for their natural feathers. Turkey feathers are well respected for their precision and quality. They are used by serious archers around the world for building their own arrows. In traditional archery natural feathers are the only way to go! They’re beautiful, resilient, lightweight, and able to guide your arrows for the best, most accurate flight possible.

Natural Turkey Feathers - There is no better choice for your traditional arrows!

Feathers are used for both hunting and target arrows and can be used on all types of arrow shaft materials. Feathers have been the world leader in arrow fletching for years. Light weight, bright colours and superior arrow stability.

  • Shape:5.0” Parabolic
  • Right Wing
  • Suitable for use on all shaft materials
  • Range of attractive colours
  • Colour Pattern: Solid, one colour per pack
  • 12 Pack