Stay Sharp Diamond Honing Plate (Set of 5)

Stay Sharp Diamond Honing Plate (Set Of 5) 5 Set

Stay Sharp


Diamond Honing plate set, Wet/Dry Sandpaper works great but doesnt last very long. Dimond plates offer longer life. Each plate is approximately 170 x 75mm in size. Dont use water or oil on the plates. Blow off metal debris after sharpening your heads or use a dry brush to sweep them clean.

5 Plate Set includes one each of the following:

  • 240 GRIT - Will get you to the burr fastest and repair a damaged edge easily. A great prep for the other grits
  • 400 GRIT - Also a great edge for getting a sharp burr
  • 800 GRIT - Fof when you are stating to get a lethal edge and finer burr
  • 1200 GRIT - You're almost to a RAZOR EDGE!
  • 2500 GRIT- Now youre talking SHARP!