2 Blade Double Bevel Broad Head (3 Pack)

2 Blade Double Bevel Broad Head (3 Pack) Heads & Small Game Points



Hunting Australian Game needs solid broadheads that can sometimes be hard on the wallet. Our one piece heads come with a double bevel but needing a quick sharpen to give them a hunting edge. Every brand of head needs to be sharpened after use, these just mean you can sharpen them your way right from the start. Solid Enough to get the job done but easily sharpened in the field and wont break the bank. 

  • Single Piece Construction
  • No Screws to tighten
  • No Adjustable/Replaceable Blades to Fail
  • Silent Flight
  • Small Surface area for Pin Point Accuracy


  • 125 Grain 1" Cutting Diameter
  • 150 Grain 1 1/8" Cutting Diameter