Cauldron Fletching Jig

Cauldron Fletching Jig Jigs
Cauldron Fletching Jig Jigs



The Cauldron Jig is a 3 vane advanced fletching system.  It provides the right amount of pressure for excellent adhesion, and you can fletch all three vanes at once so it's a big time-saver.  The snap-in inserts are easy to change and don't require tools, so you can switch from a three degree right helical to a one degree right in no time.  With this jig you can leave the nock on your arrow so you don't need to change the centre post - simply twist the dial at the bottom of the jig to rotate your arrow for perfect indexing.

The Cauldron pressure ring is adjustable with a single twist to accommodate micro, standard, and large arrow diameters.  Cleaning is easy: the inserts can be soaked in acetone for an hour to remove instant glue residue.

  • The Complete Cauldron includes inserts for Straight (gray), 3° right helical (black), 3° left helical (purple), 1° right offset (red), and 1° left offset (orange). 
  • The Helix Cauldron includes inserts for 3° right helical and 3° left helical.

The Cauldron Jig is entirely manufactured, assembled from the Bohning factory in Lake City, Michigan. Proudly Made in the USA.