Tusker Spirit Screw In Broad Head (3 Pack)

Tusker Spirit Screw In Broad Head (3 Pack) Heads & Small Game Points



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Tusker Spirit Broadheads are made from a high carbon spring steel with 56 rockwell hardness.

A broad head Suitable for game from rabbits & foxes to boar & buffalo.

Tusker Broadheads come with a factory SHARP bevelled edge.

To ensure a quick clean kill, re-sharpen your Tusker Broadhead with a bog file to a feathered edge, then hone with a steel or stone until razor sharp after using.

Tusker Spirit 125gr

  • Length 47mm,(1 7/8")
  • Cutting width- 28mm (1 1/8")
  • .035" blade thickness
  • 5/16" ferrule
  • 3 Heads per pack