Gateway Right Wing Barred Feathers

Gateway Right Wing Barred Feathers Vanes And



Feathers are used for both hunting and target arrows and can be used on all types of arrow shaft materials. Feathers have been the world leader in arrow fletching for years. Light weight, bright colours and superior arrow stability.

Full Length Right Wing feathers have their quills cut but have no shape. Feather will average 35 millimetres tall at it’s highest point. There will be approximately 8″ of good cuttable quill and feather. You can then use your own cutter or burner to get your desired length and design.

If you would like your feathers cut to a different style or length you can make your selections in the custom fields. We offer Parabolic, Shield and Flu Flu in different lengths or Banana in 5.5”.
  • Full Length Feathers approximately 8 to 10 inches in length
  • Suitable for use on all shaft materials
  • Right wing selected for clockwise arrow rotation
  • Range of attractive colours
  • One colour per pack