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Carbon One sets the mark for parallel, all-carbon shaft precision.UltraLite N-FUSED Carbon Introducing the first target arrows with lightweight nano-fused construction. Get new N-FUSED CARBON ONE a more powerful carbon arrow for the worlds best archers.

  • High-strength carbon fibre
  • Micro-smooth finish
  • Straightness: ± .003”
  • Weight tolerance: ± 1.0 grains

Bare Shaft

Bare Shaft option is sold without any components, these can be purchased separately.


Fletched arrows will be complete with

  • AAE EP23 vanes - Please advise your choice of colours at check out
  • Bohning F nocks - Please advise your choice of colours at check out
  •  For custom nocks, flights and points please contact us
  • Easton Carbon One points installed

We can cut your shafts to length. Please advise length excluding nock and point to the nearest 1/8" during checkout.


Notes regarding Point fitting.

  • 1150-810 use Carbon One Point 70/80/90g
  • 730-550 use Carbon One Point 90/100/110g
  • 500-410 use Carbon One Point 100/110/120g 
Notes regarding Nock fitting.
  • Bohning F or Easton G nock are suitable
Notes regarding Pin fitting. 
  • 1150-810 use ACE Pin
  • 730-550 use Carbon One pin
  • 500-410 use ACG Pin