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Easton Apollo Carbon Shafts

Apollo is the all-carbon starter arrow with the tolerances and spine sizes needed to ensure a correct tune for every archer.
Archers who shoot low-poundage bows can have quality arrows at a great price with the Easton Apollo Carbon Shafts. Ranging in spine from 560-1200, this shaft is a perfect choice for kids. It’s a small diameter shaft, which means it’s well-suited for cutting through the wind outdoors, but it also can be used for indoor competitions.

  • Features internal fit components (same I.D. as the Carbon One)
  • Attractively priced between the Carbon One and Inspire
  • All components sold separately. Nocks, points and fletching are not included
  • Guaranteed Straightness: ± .005"
  • Weight Tolerance: ± 2 grains
    Arrow cutting is a service we provide for free. Please advise Bare Shaft Length in inches.