Coghlan’s Survival Kit

Coghlans Survival Kit



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Coghlan’s Survival Kit is designed and equiped to meet the need of individuals or small groups in most survival situations. Includes the Coghlan’s survival guide, a concise booklet containing many tips for survival in the wilderness.

Includes: Survival guide; (2) firesticks; (2) razor blades; needle; signal whistle; note pad; Five hour candle; Poncho; Pencil; (4) antiseptic pads; Spool of thread; (2) safety pins; (2) fish hooks; Compass; Signal mirror; (2) Sinkers; Matches; 12 hour lightstick; Emergency blanket; 10 foot snare wire; 35 foot nylon cord; (4) 1" x 3" bandages; 3" x 3" sterile pad; 2" x 3" elastic patch; 12 foot nylon rope; 48 foot orange trail tape; 30 foot fishing line; (40) 0.38" x 1.5" bandages; (2) 4" adhesive strips; 7" x 10" waterproof pouch.