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Bohning String Separator

A handy tool which easily opens bowstring and allows the installation of peep sights, whiskers string silencers, puff silencers, serving into strings between bowstring strands without removing the bowstring or the aid of a bow press. With the String Separator, you can tease open the string while the bow is strung. To prevent damage to string strands, it is suggested that you take pressure off bowstring before separating. Locate centre of bowstring strands and with a simple twist, it separates the string. Then place bowstring into slot at opposite end of separator to lock in place. String Separator will stay in place allowing you to work freely.

  • The bowstring fits into the slot, providing a user friendly work area.
  • It is vinyl coated with a taper tip which saves damage the bow string.
  • Fast & easy installation of serving, peeps, silencers, etc
  • Easily inserts into strands without damaging
  • Twist to separate strings

Please Note: This is a bulk packaged item and comes without any outer packaging.