Bloodsport Reckoning Deep Cut Broad Head (3 Pack)

Bloodsport Reckoning Deep Cut Broad Head (3 Pack) Heads & Small Game Points



The final reckoning is here. Bloodsport’s new Reckoning™ platform pairs an upgraded universal ferrule with 100% stainless steel fixed blades. The 1⅛-inch Deep Cut sinks deep for maximum penetration. All blades integrate tight tolerances for an enhanced fit that flies better and stronger. INCLUDES

  • Revolutionary Scooptail® design accomplishes in-flight accuracy with a snowplow effect to deliver maximum penetration
  • Accepts any Reckoning™ blade style
  • Specifically designed to ream arrow passageway for less friction
  • 1⅛” cutting diameter
  • Deep cut blades for maximum penetration
  • Cut-on-contact tip
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • 0.03” thick blades hardened for extra sharpness
  • 100 Grain
  • 3 Heads per pack