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When you become the arrow you extend your mental approach to accurate shooting. You'll be a better shot for it. The arrow is the only thing that extends from shooter to target. The art of modern barebow shooting is illustrated with photos, drawings, forms and charts.

  • The Art of Modern Barebow Shooting
  • Philosophy and Practice of "Become the Arrow"
  • How to Make a Modern Barebow Shot Visualising the Arrow in Flight
  • Practice and Shooting Form
  • Mental Exercise and Muscle Memory
  • Tuning for Barebow Accuracy and Performance
  • What Makes a Bow Forgiving and Shootable
  • Bowhunting, Beyond the Basics Ten Most Frequent Bowhunting Mistakes
  • Most Commonly Asked Questions
  • Building A Longbow
  • By Byron Ferguson with Glenn Helgeland
  • 110 pages
  • Paperback