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Bohning Tower Jig allows you to fletch three vanes or feathers at once with Bohning's Tower® Jig! This revolutionary fletching jig provides exceptional adhesion force that is evenly distributed along the base of the vane or feather. You will get consistent angles and perfect 120° spacing. The durable, engineering-grade composite material can be cleaned with acetone to remove adhesive residue. The Tower® Jig is great for single vane repairs too! Available in multiple configurations for different arrow sizes and fletching angles, from straight fletch up to a 3° right or left helical. All configurations include a base, three sizes of pressure rings to accommodate all arrow diameters, a set of 3 Spacer Plates for an extra .025" (6mm) of space between the nock and vane, and Clamp Release Tape.

  • COMPLETE: all the available Tower Jig components in one purchase, great for clubs and families.
  • TRIPLE: Arms - Solid Gray, Black, & Red. Center Posts - F Nock, A Nock, HE, Standard, Crossbow, Pin Nock.
  • HELIX: Arms - Black, Purple. Center Posts - F Nock, A Nock, HE, Standard, Crossbow, Pin Nock.
  • CROSSBOW: Arms - Black, Red. Center Post - Crossbow
  • FEATHER: Arms - Blue, Green (arms have wider slots to accommodate feathers). Center Posts - F Nock, Standard, Swedged
  • MYLAR: Arms - Gray with red clip (accommodates Spin Wing type vanes). Center Posts - F Nock, Standard, Pin Nock.
  • IMPULSE: Arms - Yellow (arms have narrow slots to accommodate vanes such as Impulse). Center Posts - F Nock, Standard, Pin Nock. Proudly manufactured at the Bohning Factory in Lake City, Michigan, United States.

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