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Imagine an extremely accurate, highly effective broadhead for under 3 dollars!

That’s right!

The stopping power and performance you need for even less than the price of a cup of coffee! 100% made in the USA, with multiple patents pending, the Cheap Shot™ ushers in a new era of bow and crossbow hunting potential.

Made from space-age polymer developed specifically as a substitute for steel, the Cheap Shot™ is tough, sharp and practically impervious to the elements! Unlike a steel broadhead, it will never rust, tarnish or corrode, and it will endure all but the most extreme weather conditions.

Available in two sizes, each patent-pending Cheap Shot™ is outfitted with Cold Steel®’s signature “grip n’ rip” style serrations - developed for use on military tactical knives - specially designed to cut tough fibrous tissue, and capable of making short work of any mere flesh and blood target, dispatching even big game quickly and humanely. Easy to use and quick to replace, every Cheap Shot™ is accurate, lethal and above all - affordable!

  • Extremely accurate, highly effective broadhead
  • Gives you the stopping power you need at a fraction of the price
  • Constructed of space age polymer as a substitute of steel
  • Signature "grip-n-rip" style serrations to produce massive wound channels
  • Tough, sharp and impervious to the elements
  • Cutting diameter: 1-1/4"
  • Sold as a 10 pack
  • Available in 100 and 125 Grain